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"Listen to me, Joker. I’m not you. I’m nothing like you. I know what I do and I know why I do it. You — you are, clinically speaking, a whack-job.

"But I know a secret. A good one. You’re not nearly as crazy as you’d like us all to believe. Or even as crazy as you’d like to believe. It just makes it easier to justify every sick, monstrous thing you’ve ever done when you play the part of the mad clown. You’re crazy, bubba — but you ain’t that crazy.

"Look at that. I wiped a smile off of Joker’s face. I have been waiting a looooooong time for that."


   ~   Jason Todd | Batman #649 (2006)


hey taylorswift um question

if you hold your grammys up to your ear can you still hear the sound of crowds applauding??

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